Promodeller Master Class with Aaron Simons (AKA WeatheredAZ)

We are happy to announce the start of something we always wanted to do. A promodeller workshop! Learn from Aaron Simons, AKA WeatheredAZ, as he shares his knowledge on applying advance modelling techniques, learn a few painting tips and tricks.

Three masterclass sessions available:
Session 1 (1:00PM) : Weathering techniques: chipping, dry brushing, washes and pigment effects
Session 2 (2:15PM) : Scratch building: styrene work, pla plating and detailing
Session 3 (3:30PM) : Painting effects: tonal effects, shading & modulation and metallic effects (for inner frames)

We encourage anyone interested in plastic model kits to come along.

It’s not just about the hobby it’s about building a community.

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Event Date and Time: 

Saturday, 28 October 2017 - 1:00pm to 4:30pm