How to Complete Jigsaw Puzzles with ease

Some people can find themselves spending days working on the same jigsaw puzzle to no avail. With the threat of pieces getting lost, or your family getting annoyed that the same puzzle has been out on the table uncompleted for a while, there are a few things that can be done. We have put together this cheat sheet on how to complete your jigsaw puzzle with ease, so that you can get started on your next one. 

  1. Start Small

If this is your first time doing a jigsaw puzzle, it is not recommended that you start out with the biggest available. Start small. Aim to complete a 50-piece puzzle, and slowly you will work your way up to the larger, more complicated puzzles.

If you wanted to give the largest a try however, the world record holding puzzle is 32,256 pieces. 

  1. Sort Out the Pieces

In every puzzle, there are a ratio of shapes that are similar to each other. Try and identify the different pieces of your puzzle, and sort them into piles. This will allow you to only search in a specific section, instead of trawling through multiple pieces. 

  1. The borders are your friends

Working your way from the outside in is possibly the best advice we can give you. Once you have a clear border set out, it will be much easier to guide yourself through the different nuances within the puzzle. 

  1. Colours are everything

Jigsaw puzzles test your brain by having you visualise an already completed work before you have finished it. This form of critical thinking is made easier when you are able to identify colours, shapes and scenery within each puzzle. If you are looking for a quick puzzle to complete, ensure that you buy one with a few bold colours that are easy to identify. Within your already sorted piles of tile shapes, try and further organise those into colour categories. This will allow you to slowly evolve your visual perception with jigsaws, but also be the easy way to be able to complete it fast. 

These hot tips will help you finish your jigsaw puzzle in no time, and clear the table of the pieces. Once you’re done, you should check out Hobby Co’s (Hobbyco's)extensive range of jigsaw puzzles available. We have a range of artwork displayed, and different difficulty levels so that you can build up your expertise. From educational boards, stunning art work, to one of musicians and even Harry Potter, we have something for every jigsaw lover. 

  1. Keeping it all together. 

Reclaiming the dining room table in the midst of a 1000 piece puzzle can be a problem. Fortunately there are a couple of solutions.

The easiest is a "roll-a-puzz" consisting of a felt cloth on which the puzzle is assembled and a large diameter cardboard tube. Handled carefully the partially assembled puzzle will retain its shape while the felt and puzzle are rolled on to the tube for storage until the table becomes available again. 

The second type of product is a large portfolio style folder (Portapuzzle) which encloses the puzzle in a flat format and can be safely stored when the working space is needed for other activities... 

And finally what do you do with the completed puzzle. If it represents something you want to frame for posterity then you need a puzzle fixative. This is a glue which will go between the tiles and keep the puzzle together while remaining flexible. This will allow you to lift the puzzle before putting it into a frame and mounting it.



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