The Gift of a Train Set

At any age the gift of a train set is an introduction to the world of model railroading. There is an air of nostalgia to be shared, the smell of steam, the sound of whistle and the clickety-clack of wheels over steel rails. And the advantage is that with a train set you can have it all in your own home, playroom or just bring it out whenever you want.

For many, the initial set may satisfy the need to be part of one of the biggest hobbies in the world. For others it may be the start of a much longer journey.

The desire to expand the train set means more rolling stocks, carriages and freight wagons, tracks and points, buildings and scenery and suddenly you have a railway layout.

Building the layout needs planning. How much room do you have? Is the layout going to be set up permanently? What's the width of the largest curves, allow space outside that so the tracks are not right on the edge...Seek advice, check’s all part of the hobby.

At Hobbyco, we have a railway model for everyone – from high tech models with digital control to Hornby Thomas and Friends for the young beginners. But the place to start is with a train set.

Whether it starts with memories of days of steam, an excursion on preserved train pulled by locomotives, Thomas and Friends stories or a visit to a Model Railway Club Exhibition, it’s a great hobby to enjoy.

We hope your model railway journey is full of fun.....



Wednesday, 13 December 2017 - 5:00pm