Get ready to win BIG with Monopoly The Block Special Edition!

MONOPOLY – The Block Special Edition will unlock the chance for one lucky person to win a Block apartment.  Buy your game, grab your Golden Ticket and register online for your chance to win big! 


Q: How do I enter the competition? 
A: Once you have purchased Monopoly – The Block Special Edition board game, you will find a golden ticket inside.  Scratch the panel to reveal your unique code. Please go to to enter the unique code on the golden ticket and enter your details to go into the draw.  

Q: Where can I purchase Monopoly – The Block Special Edition board game? 
A:  Hobbyco stocks them both in store and online. Limited edition while stock lasts.  

Q: How much is Monopoly – The Block Special Edition to purchase? 
A:  $99.95

Q: When does the competition close? 
A: The competition closes 3:59pm AEDT on 29 December 2018. Please refer to the full terms and conditions

Q:  Where inside the game box will I find my golden ticket? 
A:  Under the game board. 

Q: Do I need to keep my receipt to prove my purchase? 
A: Yes, for verification purposes please keep both your receipt and the golden ticket for the duration of the promotional period. 

Q: Do I need to keep my golden ticket? 
A: Yes, if you are one of the 10 finalists you will need to present your golden ticket so keep it on the fridge or in a secure location. 

Q: How do I know if I am a finalist? 
A: You will be notified via phone or email as per your entry and for each draw, the winner’s names will be published on . Please refer to the full terms and conditions for draw dates and times. 

Q: When is the final draw for The Block apartment? 
A: 5:00pm AEDT on 29 December 2018. Please refer to the full terms and conditions.

Q: Can I enter the competition multiple times using the same golden ticket?  
A: No, each ticket is unique and can only be used once to enter the competition.  

Q: Can I enter the competition multiple times using different golden tickets?  
A: Yes, you may enter the competition multiple times providing you have a unique golden ticket and corresponding receipt as proof of purchase for each entry.  

Q: If participating retailers are out of stock, can I purchase a copy of Monopoly – The Block Special Edition from another source, such as eBay?  
A: In order to enter the competition, golden tickets must come from games bought from participating retailers only such as Hobbyco at QVB and Rhodes and at  

Q: There’s a problem with my game. What do I do? 
A:  Please go to 

Q: I damaged my golden ticket trying to reveal the code and I can’t read it. What do I do? 
A:  Please go to 

Q: Can I give my golden ticket to someone else? 
A:  Yes, as long as the proof of purchase receipt is also given to that person and the ticket is registered under their name on 

Q: What happens to the details I provide? 
A: The details you provide may be used by the Promoter (Nine Network Australia) for future marketing purposes in accordance with the Privacy Act. Please refer to the full terms and conditions.  



Wednesday, 12 September 2018 - 10:00pm